Birthday Videography & Photography

75 ohms media has seen it all when it comes to kids’ birthday parties. From pigtails and runway shoes to riding ponies, foam pits and rock-climbing walls, there is something for every child. When thinking about your child’s upcoming birthday, it’s important to think about what your child’s interests and select a birthday venue location that’s unique to the interests of your child.

Kids face reflecting glitter always whenever kids show their sweetness of smile, mischief in the expression, the chubbiness of the cheek, lovely hair…all these things give so much pleasure to us than anything. All Parents want to capture all these precious moments in our birthday photography. So, they hire us and spend time and effort with us so that they can show these memorable moments to the baby in the future. Everything which they learn that is a memorable gift for us. Even when they learn how to walk or say mom that are precious moments for the parents. We see so many changes within that year. Photographer capture all those precious moments in the pre-birthday film, which is then played on the birthday day. And our birthday video films are also a must for all celebrations.

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